What is Memory Care?

What makes The Memory Center Different?

Do you accept insurance?

Do you have staff in the building around the clock?

Do you have a high-staff turnover?

Do you have Happy Hour in the Tavern?

Do you have activities in the evenings?

What are the resident bedrooms like?

Do you provide hospice?

What type of training does your staff have?

Can I meet your in house Geriatrician and transfer my parent’s physician care to him?


What is Memory Care?
Memory Care refers to assisted living care focused on those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  Residents may live in semi-private or private rooms and engage in structured activities designed to assist those with memory loss.  Staff members are trained to caring for those in cognitive decline.

What makes The Memory Center different?
We believe the challenging conditions of an aging brain should be met with a caring, interactive community designed around the individual.  Our unique Town Center and Neighborhood model was designed exclusively to assist the person living with memory challenges by reducing the frustration and agitation that usually accompany memory loss.  With our variety of daily activities designed to meet the needs of an aging brain, low staff turnover and the highest quality of care, The Memory Center provides residents the chance to live well with Alzheimer’s and dementia while providing their families with support and peace of mind.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we accept Long-Term Care insurance.  Our staff will work with you and your insurance company to ensure all information is received for monthly payment processing.

Do you have staff in the building at all times?
Yes, we provide around the clock care, which includes Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).  This is not a requirement by the state-run regulatory agencies for Assisted Living Facilities, but a service The Memory Center is committed to providing to ensure the highest quality of care for all our residents.

Do you have a lot of staff turnover?
No.  Our turnover is low.  Our resident to staff ratios are some of the lowest in the industry which allows our staff to spend more meaningful time engaging with residents.  Our compensation packages are fair and equitable and all employees are considered a valuable part of The Memory Center family.

dementia care virginia beach
The Tavern at The Memory Center, Virginia Beach

Do you have Happy Hour in your Tavern?
Yes, our Memory Center locations maintain an ABC license.  If a resident would like a drink or a glass of wine, and we have secured a prescription from their physician, the resident can enjoy their favorite beverages during Happy Hour.  Of course, we are committed to limiting consumption to the appropriate levels.  We also provide non-alcoholic beverages so all our residents can enjoy socializing at The Tavern or other festive events including holiday celebrations or sporting events shown on wide-screen televisions in The Tavern.

Do you have activities in the evenings?
Yes, every evening our Activities Director plans a variety of activities in each neighborhood so staff can engage with the residents in individual and small group settings.  Our activities are designed to promote memory and motion.  Read more about our activities here.

Do you provide hospice?
Yes, we contract with several Home Health and Hospice agencies.  To date all our resident family members have chosen to have their loved one pass away at their home in The Memory Center.

What are the resident bedrooms like?
Bedrooms at The Memory Center are filled with light and feature a warm, but neutral color palette. We want residents to feel as comfortable here as they were at home, which is why all our rooms come unfurnished. This provides the family a chance to bring familiar furniture, bedding and decorations from home. Our team will help with furniture placement and decorating if needed. Read our recommendations on how to make a new space at The Memory Center feel like home.

Is your staff well trained?
Yes, our staff training exceeds the standards established by state-run regulatory bodies.  Currently our employees undergo 4 times the training that is actually required.  All our managers, key staff and corporate team have achieved their CDP (Certified Dementia Practitioner) certification.  The national certification reflects a deep personal commitment on the part of the front line staff, health care professional and the organization’s sense of accountability by abiding by the NCCDP Ethic’s statement to the dementia patient.

Can I personally meet your in-house Geriatrician if I transfer my parent’s physician care to him?
Yes.  Our Medical Director conducts weekly clinics.  All new residents meet with our Medical Director and Resident Service Director the first week he/she moves into The Memory Center.  We strongly encourage family members to attend the meeting to discuss goals, expectations, levels of care or other information.

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