Lifestyle at The Memory Center

Inspiring purpose, validating actions, and invigorating our residents.

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Every day at The Memory Center is focused around therapeutic programming and functional activities for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

The Memory Center programs are designed to inspire purpose, validate actions and invigorate while providing the highest quality of life for residents and supporting their families.

People with dementia struggle to separate memory from the physical state of present-day living. Research shows meaningful, structured activities like those at The Memory Center can focus and engage the aging mind, which eases common symptoms of boredom and agitation.

Programming in every Memory Center community stimulates the mind and body while encouraging social interaction by incorporating:

Brain-Stimulating Programs

Emphasizes cognitive training which can slow decline and improve cognitive ability

Engaging Physical Activities

Reduce medical conditions associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia

A Hands-On Approach

All five senses, kinetic movement, and motor skill coordination included in learning

Peaceful Atmosphere

Access to lots of natural light and safe outdoor courtyard with secure walking trails


Dynamic Support for the Aging Brain

The Memory Center offers a variety of activities in small social settings and larger group events in our Town Center, Theater, and other areas.


To maintain a sense of home our design features four neighborhoods that surround our Town Center, each with their own quiet and relaxing living room, dining room and full kitchen.

A Memory Center dining room.


All Memory Center Meals are chef-prepared and consist of a variety of delicious recipes based on up-to-date research studies on cognitive function and increased longevity for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.