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The Galanides Family


When I began my search for an Assisted Living for my wife Nancy who has Alzheimer’s, I toured many
Communities before finally choosing The Memory Center.

When I walked in and saw the Town Center complete with a replica of the Cape Henry Lighthouse, the Library, Movie Theater, General Store, Tavern, Beach Shack and Salon, I was very impressed at just how beautiful and clean the Community was. It looks just like a small town where there is always something fun going on. After meeting the staff, talking to other family members and seeing how well the residents were cared for it made my decision easy. Nancy has been a resident at The Memory Center for over six years now and I have not once regretted my decision. The Memory Center has become my second family and the love, support and compassion shown to myself and Nancy is genuine. The owner Kevin DiBona and staff are truly committed to providing excellent and compassionate care for each and every Resident.

I visit twice a day seven days a week and seeing just how wonderful the staff is makes me a very strong advocate for
TMC. The staff shows so much love for each and every resident and their families. The numerous and fun activities keep everyone engaged from the Entertainers that come in to sing, the ice cream socials, the arts and craft projects, parties, volunteers and pet therapy visits throughout the week have improved Nancy’s quality of life beyond my wildest imagination.

The Executive Director, Sandy Stover and her Management Team have created such a warm, invigorating and caring environment that gives me such comfort. I can go home at night knowing that Nancy is receiving the best care possible. I would be more than happy to speak with anyone to share my thoughts about The Memory Center.

Ken Wilson, June 2020

Dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is not easy for anyone who has a loved one impacted by these terrible conditions—it can become a burden that approaches the unbearable. My wife, Marianne, was first officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2013, even though there were signs she was not quite herself for a few years before that, primarily in the form of personality changes.

After the diagnoses and even with the introduction of various medications, her condition continued to worsen. During this time, the thought of placing her in some type of long-term care facility was not a serious consideration. We decided to care for her at home with the assistance of professional outside help. After trying this approach for a couple of years we realized that given our situation and her increasing need for more constant and professional care, there must be a better way. After getting advice from medical professionals and contacting an agency that could help evaluate our situation, we checked out multiple long-term care facilities both on the Peninsula and Southside. While some of the places we visited were obviously not what we were looking for, several where appealing and made it to our “possible” list.

It was late in our search when a friend suggested we check out The Memory Center—I will be forever grateful for that recommendation. We scheduled a visit and were more than impressed. The place does not have the cookie cutter feel of most places we had visited but offers a charming neighborhood type atmosphere that is very inviting and comfortable. It quickly became evident that this was the place for Marianne and the feeling was confirmed by the attitude and warmth of all the staff we met.

I’ll admit there were feelings of guilt and concern when making this decision. The day Marianne was admitted was very emotional, but there has never been a moment where we doubted our decision. We immediately felt the love and sincere caring of the staff. We have been impressed with the activities and entertainment they provide, and particularly enjoy the daily social ice cream hour where we have met many relatives of residents that have become friends—people who are making this journey with you.

The way they have handled the coronavirus situation has been impressive given the vulnerability of the residents. Since face-to-face contact is not currently recommended, or allowed in this environment, they have done a lot to keep us as involved as possible. They have opened a Facebook site for families that want to participate where you frequently see your loved one and the activities they are involved in. You can schedule Facetime visits and through-the-fence visits where they bring your loved one outside to the courtyard so you are able to see and talk to them in person. Most importantly, Marianne is obviously comfortable here and is receiving care and a diversity of experiences that she would never get at home.
I highly recommend that anyone faced with a decision like this put The Memory Center at the top of their list.

– Hal Prentiss, June 2020

Deciding to transition our Mother from the home she had lived over 40 years to a long-term care facility was, for our family, the most difficult decision. After several visits over the course of a year, we decided The Memory Center of Virginia Beach would be the very best place.

Nothing can ever replace home, but The Memory Center facility and staff have been exceptional. Staff will work tirelessly to accommodate the individual needs of each resident. Residents typically are there for the remainder of their life and staff is expertly trained to help each resident and family navigate this journey.

Alzheimer’s is a horrific disease, but The Memory Center is a wonderful place for a loved one to spend this final chapter of life.

We will be forever grateful of the kindness and expert care given.

The Fred Napolitano Family, April 2020

If I could give The Memory Center 10 stars I would.

My father passed away last week after living at The Memory Center for 2 years.  Instead of suffering through the difficult later days of Alzheimer’s, he joined a family at The Memory Center and THRIVED.  Every detail of the facility was a thought toward making the residents feel as comfortable and independent as possible – far more than every other home we visited.  The village and neighborhood set up of The Memory Center will be obvious when you visit.  What may not be as obvious is the love and caring provided by the nursing staff.  It is not faked or forced – The Memory Center somehow manages to hire the most amazing people that bring a warm spirit to their work.

On my father’s last day, our family gathered by his bed.  Throughout the course of the day, we were awestruck to see almost every member of the nursing staff – both on and off duty – come by to say goodbye to my dad with tears in their eyes.  They didn’t avoid the room; they brought friendship, love, and tenderness to him in his final hours.  They were genuinely saying goodbye to a friend.

B. Burns (Daughter)

Finally!  The kids and I knew my wife needed more attention than I could consistently give.  Even she was aware of her mental changes.  We had not kept the changes from one another.  Her mother was an Alzheimer’s patient.  We were vocal about my wife’s needs.  I discussed with family and friends the best places that provided constant care.  My wife went with me to observe the care given at these centers.  Then it occurred!  Our primary care physician asked if we knew about The Memory Center.  We did not.  I made arrangements for she and I to attend the center.  Our son and his wife attended with us.  WOW! The surprised we discovered:

  • The building had four sections with similar arrangements
  • A theater to see films and live performances
  • A bank with money for the residents to use
  • A beautician to keep the residents lovely
  • A library enticingly kept
  • A tavern for some who wanted it
  • Nurses and assistants to provide loving care
  • Thoughtful administrators to answer all questions
  • Fenced grounds to allow the residents to walk among the flowers
  • Chaplain led services

Well now!  This is the place!  Even though it took several months to decide to roll, we knew this was it!  No more looking.  That was nine months ago.  The family still feels the same.  They care.

J. Stamey

My mother was a resident of The Memory Center for the last five years of her life.  From the first moment, she felt genuine caring and she just delighted in the daily group and individual activities.  As a nurse, I was particularly concerned with her physical care and nutrition and The Memory Center exceeded my expectations in every way.  As she declined, additional measures were implemented to help her mobility and allow her to continue to enjoy the music and spiritual events, to keep her hair and manicure appointments, and to participate as much as she could.  Her final days were attended to with love and compassion.  I recommend The Memory Center without reservation.  The medical, nursing and support staff are the best.

Kennedy family

Making the decision to allow others to care for a beloved family member may be one of the most difficult decisions a family can make together.  My family’s decision was so much easier that it often can be because of The Memory Center.  From compassionate and understanding administrators who helped us initially – and still continue to serve us – to the licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants who care for my Mom every day, I know and trust The Memory Center to do what’s best for my Mom – no matter what.  And with that trust comes peace of mind for each member of our family.

Cunningham-Breade family

My Mother is cared for by truly wonderful people at The Memory Center. The Center has one of the highest staff to resident ratios in the industry, and that allows her care to be among the best. Every staff member treats her with love and respect as if she were family. We enjoy the centralized town center as it allows her a beautiful environment to enjoy activities in the tavern, theater, and library. The daily ice cream social, complete with singing and dancing, is one of her favorite parts of the day. It is a great opportunity for residents and family members to socialize together. She has really blossomed into someone who is engaged in activities. She always has a smile and something nice to say about her day.

– B. Bardaro

Because the nature of dementia and Alzheimer’s is static; careful monitoring and constant reassessment of the residents are needed. I am pleased to say the staff at TMC makes every effort to do this and provide good dialogue with the family. This leads to a high quality, collaborative approach resulting in excellent care. I am also impressed with the efforts of all staff members: Administration, CNAs, nursing, chaplain, activity director, volunteers, stylists and culinary team. They have a genuine sense of caring for the residents. The evident teamwork provides a very pleasant environment.
– Harr Family

with a heart full of love and peace that I say thank you for the quality of life you provided for my sweet mother.  Your love an understanding of her needs, and mine, will be forever remembered.  Blessings to you all.

A. Pittard

We moved my mom from Indianapolis to Richmond the end of August 2015. Needless to say, in her condition, the distance and her age was traumatic for her. We moved her to the The Memory Center Richmond. On Thursday, Mary a musician was brought-in to entertain the residents. She knew my mom and interacted with her while playing. This was her first meeting with my mom since she moved to the TMC.  Her comment “She seemed to be failing and dying and now looks full of life and very engaging considering her condition, Remarkable!!”

TMC’s activities involving and stimulating the residents along with the non traditional surroundings  have been extremely beneficial to my mom. This speaks volumes to the care and efforts of the entire staff especially Beth Ann and Shirley.  The dignity, respect, and empathy expressed has made a difference in my mom’s life.  Obviously, a game changer bringing her to TMC. We recommend TMC wholeheartedly to anyone with a memory impaired loved one.

– R. Weddle

The adage “It takes a village to raise a child” is an appropriate analogy for my experience with The memory Center regarding Larry’s recent surgery for repair to fractures to his leg and his on-going recovery. I can honestly say that the whole staff has been involved – from Jennifer and Tamika’s visits to the hospital to Reggie’s help with getting beds switched out.

After 6 days in the hospital, I was strongly encouraged by the doctors to have Larry moved to a rehab facility for physical therapy. I was also strongly advised by MC nursing staff and family members of residents who had gone through similar circumstances not to do so. It was overwhelmingly the right move to bring him home to The Memory Center. The evening we came back, we were met in the parking lot by a welcoming group of CNA’s (not even from Larry’s unit). I had not cried all thru this ordeal until that moment. Everyone in the building kept showing up to his room for days to check on him and hug both of us, including the receptionists and housekeeping. Kitchen staff was very helpful as well.

I was/am here a lot of hours and also have private duty care to help ensure Larry’s leg continues to mend and he gets back to his pre-surgery level of mobility. However, EVERY nurse and CNA as well as housekeeping has bent over backwards to be a part of his total care as well as mine, especially during the first two weeks when he was non-weight bearing and needed frequent transfers and bed changing, etc. He was only on Tylenol for pain which was not always controlled so it was not always easy to move him.

His surgeon as well as physical therapist is amazed at the rapid progress Larry has made. Our heart-felt thanks to ALL of you.

– B. and L. Nelson

A Few Testimonials that Customers Left Caring.com

The Memory Center
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By ATL My Town

“Starting out – we went to multiple AL and memory centers to educate ourselves! Priority determining what the best care looks like our parent needed to receive maximum benefit from the program. When we came to The Memory Center of Atlanta, we had experience visiting several different places and both of us interviewed them with more questions than they gave us information. Probably a scary moment for this staff!! But they were so good with the thorough and confident responses that we were impressed. We were watching the residents and talked with them on our tour as they spoke to us. The activities were engaging and not just a quick throw down for the tour group to see. We came back for a second time with a follow-up walk through and signed him up. We have loved the communication the activity director puts out in the pictures and notifications to the families. The chef has personality and skills with special events with residents. I think the involvement that you see from the core staff when they are out with residents says the most and when you are known by your name when visiting – the bar of accountability is raised. It takes both sides with both the family and staff together to take care and provide a quality of life for these special people in our lives.”

The Memory Center
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Heidi

“Wow! We couldn’t have picked a better memory care facility! We are truly grateful for what TMC is doing and has done for my husband. We count our blessings daily! Everything is a 5 plus rating — especially the staff — they are incredible!!”

The Memory Center
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Nancy

“My husband has been here 2 1/2 months he is very happy. The staff is great and very caring about each other resident. I love how they able to walk around and are not Just confined to their own neighborhoods.”

The Memory Center
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Larry’s Wife

“I like that administrative staff frequents the residents area. Things are well maintained. Most of all residents are treated with respect and there is always a staff member present. I am so very grateful for this facility.”

The Memory Center
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Tamyra

“The Memory Center is truly dedicated. They have been extremely helpful and right on top of any requests or needs. I’ve been so happy to have my mom there. The staff are very professional and care takers are so loving and are trained and truly understand the diesese of Alzheimer’s and the needs of my mom and every resident. I’m so thankful to have found this wonderful place for my loved one! I highly recommend!”

The Memory Center
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Elaine

“I visited The Memory Center Atlanta and I liked the caregiver to resident ratio, and the focus on people with memory issues like Alzheimer’s and dementia in Oxford Towers of Berkley. They have a lot of different activities, they have crafts, exercising, and they have an ice cream parlor and ice cream sundae at 2:00 in the afternoon every day. They also have a little general store where people can use fake money when purchasing things. The place is brand-new, they offer housekeeping, and laundry services. The staff member that assisted me was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions, the general manager was very helpful, informative, and upbeat.”

The Memory Center
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Cindy

“We got our father into The Memory Center Atlanta. It’s a wonderful place. It’s new and the people are amazing. They’re very good with elderly people. It’s very clean and neat. In the mornings, they have exercise class and memory therapy. It’s got a little ice cream parlor and a movie theater. It’s like a little town. The staff is friendly. Steve, the head of the place, interacts amazingly with the people. They have a chef that brings stuff out. It’s a cool place. They have all sorts of stuff for them to do. They have a tavern for happy hour in the afternoon. They have ice cream socials every afternoon. They go outside, and they have cookouts for the residents. It’s just a really neat place.”

A Few Testimonials that Customers Left on Google

The Memory Center
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Susan S.

“The most compassionate and loving care you can imagine for your family member. My Mother, Louise Farmer, was provided the very BEST from the staff in this well-conceived facility.”


The Memory Center
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Kristen S.

“The staff was always compassionate, respectful, and loving when they cared for our mother, grandmother and friend, Louise while she was a resident at The Memory Center. At first, there was some apprehension on her part and ours about moving, but in no time at all, we came to think of TMC as part of our family.

The services they provide are challenging. Not everyone is cut out for that line of work, but we would like to commend The Memory Center for putting together a staff to be extremely proud of! We were blessed to have received such excellent care from their family; the sincere kindness shown to our mother/grandmother and our family was so welcoming. There was a time when Louise wasn’t sleeping and the staff all took turns lying in the bed with her to get her to rest. TMC went above and beyond every step of the way with our loved one.

In addition to their stellar employees, the physical building is outstanding. The town center is such a wonderful concept and really adds to the open, airy feel when you walk in the door. Louise’s room was clean, spacious, comfortable, warm and inviting. It was sanitary and had all of the necessary equipment without being cold and hospital-like. The common area in her neighborhood was well used, and we enjoyed seeing the residents watching movies together in their pajamas at night. When Louise started eating less they found creative ways to get her to eat. If I was there during mealtime, I was always asked to join her. The food was always appetizing. I can attest that other facilities around the area, have some questionable food options.

TMC made this difficult time so much easier. Their kindness, compassion, and genuine concern for Louise and for our family during her final days will never be forgotten.

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