Alzheimer’s & Dementia Services in Peachtree Corners, GA

In one sense, all services offered at The Memory Center, from our building’s design and decor to patient-centered care – encompassing the medical/physical to the social-emotional  – are all part and parcel of our Alzheimer’s and dementia services offered in Peachtree Corners, GA.

As a residential community 100% devoted to memory care, we offer daily activities, programs, and services deeply rooted in the most recent research on Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases leading to cognitive decline.

We know firsthand that supporting and nourishing the physical, mental, emotional, and social human spectrum individually benefits the well-being of the whole person.

Thus, our services are designed to inspire purpose, validate actions and invigorate spirits while providing the highest quality of life for Peachtree Corners residents – while simultaneously supporting their families.

24/7 Alzheimer’s & Dementia Services Medical Care

The Memory Center residents have access to our on-site medical care team, including onsite Medical Directors who are fellowship-trained and certified geriatricians, as well as our compassionate nursing team, who are available 24-hours per day.

Our Medical Directors provide on-site assessments of each resident every week, meet with our Resident Service Directors and resident families to review and address concerns.

For the well-being of our Peachtree Corners residents and their families, we also provide home health services for physical, occupational, speech, and psychiatric therapies as needed.

Daily Rhythm & Routine 

Daily rhythms and routines are important to all of us. Beyond the comfort of rhythm and ritual, creating consistent, active daily routines supports the circadian rhythm, improving moods, sleep habits, healthy, and energy levels – while minimizing the risk of sundowner’s syndrome.

We emphasize the “fun” in Function, and that is reflected in all of the activities offered throughout each phase of the day.

The morning hours

Mornings begin with a cheerful wakeup and the opening of curtains and blinds by our Morning Welcome Crew. With a cup of coffee in hand (decaf if a resident’s diet demands), staff announces and displays colorful schedules of the day’s offerings – noting residents’ top interests.

Once residents finish breakfast, we guide or accompany them as needed to their activities of choice. Examples include:

  • Accompanied walks around our beautifully landscaped grounds
  • Live entertainment, music, or pet visits
  • Aerobics, yoga, and other movement classes
  • Meditation and mindfulness classes/groups
  • Bowling, golf, or balloon volleyball in The Town Centre
  • Bingo or trivia games
  • Gospel music or various devotional services located in our non-denominational chapel

Afternoon activities

Once residents refuel with a nice lunch, it’s time for afternoon activities or rest time – depending on their needs.  Following lunch, you’ll likely find your loved one at the daily Ice Cream Social in the Town Center, which continues to be everyone’s favorite part of the day.

Once the ice cream social has ended, it’s time for:Afternoon activities

  • Creative classes, including writing, drawing, painting, ceramics, handcrafts, etc.
  • Gardening in our herb and garden beds
  • Taking walks
  • Bird watching
  • Sitting on a bench or patio chair, enjoying the natural landscape
  • Special offerings that vary from day-to-day

The evening wind down

For many, the evening wind-down begins by freshening up and heading to the Town Center Tavern, where non-alcoholic beverages are served, along with light snacks.

After dinner, our social coordinator hosts games, music and sing-a-longs, and other social activities often focused on a period or era-relevant themes in the spirit of reminiscence therapy. If a resident isn’t interested in social activities offered in their neighborhood that evening, they can head to our Theater for a musical, comedy or classic movie.

More About Programs & Meals

The large majority of The Memory Center’s programs are based on current research. The latest research indicates meaningful, structured activities focus and engage the mind, which eases common symptoms of boredom and agitation.

Our meals and snacks are similarly research-based, mostly adhering to the Mediterranean Diet, which is also an anti-inflammatory diet. Focusing on nutrient-dense whole-foods, including lots of fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and minimizing refined sugars and processed foods slow cognitive decline, enhances neural function and increases longevity in people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

That’s one reason programs and activities are intentionally scheduled between nutritious and delicious meals. The majority of our programs and activities are designed to encourage social interactions between residents – in small and larger group formats – typically centered around:

  • Music
  • Poetry & games
  • Art
  • Hobby-style activities
  • Cooking
  • Sports & physical activities
  • Social activities

You can visit our Typical Day page to learn more about each of these activity genres, along with their intended purpose.

Memory Care for Peachtree Corners, GA

It’s important to emphasize the level of intention that goes into the planning of our Alzheimer’s services and dementia services is not available via standard senior care options. That is one of the reasons residents in specific memory care centers fare better than their counterparts who receive home-based care or who reside in generalized senior care facilities. If you live in the Peachtree Corners area and want to learn more about our facility you can take a virtual tour or contact us directly. 

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