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My Mother is cared for by truly wonderful people at The Memory Center. The Center has one of the highest staff to resident ratios in the industry, and that allows her care to be among the best. Every staff member treats her with love and respect as if she were family. We enjoy the centralized town center as it allows her a beautiful environment to enjoy activities in the tavern, theater and library. The daily ice cream social, complete with singing and dancing, is one of her favorite parts of the day. It is a great opportunity for residents and family members to socialize together. She has really blossomed into someone who is engaged in activities. She always has a smile and something nice to say about her day.

– B. Bardaro

It is with a heart full of love and peace that I say thank you for the quality of life you provided for my sweet mother.  Your love an understanding of her needs, and mine, will be forever remembered.  Blessings to you all.

A. Pittard

We moved my mom from Indianapolis to Richmond the end of August 2015. Needless to say, in her condition, the distance and her age was traumatic for her. We moved her to the The Memory Center Richmond. On Thursday, Mary a musician was brought-in to entertain the residents. She knew my mom and interacted with her while playing. This was her first meeting with my mom since she moved to the TMC. Her comment “She seemed to be failing and dying and now looks full of life and very engaging considering her condition, Remarkable!!”

TMC’s activities involving and stimulating the residents along with the non traditional surroundings have been extremely beneficial to my mom. This speaks volumes to the care and efforts of the entire staff especially Beth Ann and Shirley. The dignity, respect, and empathy expressed has made a difference in my mom’s life. Obviously, a game changer bringing her to TMC. We recommend TMC wholeheartedly to anyone with a memory impaired loved one.

– R. Weddle

The adage “It takes a village to raise a child” is an appropriate analogy for my experience with The memory Center regarding Larry’s recent surgery for repair to fractures to his leg and his on-going recovery. I can honestly say that the whole staff has been involved – from Jennifer and Tamika’s visits to the hospital to Reggie’s help with getting beds switched out.

After 6 days in the hospital, I was strongly encouraged by the doctors to have Larry moved to a rehab facility for physical therapy. I was also strongly advised by MC nursing staff and family members of residents who had gone through similar circumstances not to do so. It was overwhelmingly the right move to bring him home to The Memory Center. The evening we came back, we were met in the parking lot by a welcoming group of CNA’s (not even from Larry’s unit). I had not cried all thru this ordeal until that moment. Everyone in the building kept showing up to his room for days to check on him and hug both of us, including the receptionists and housekeeping. Kitchen staff was very helpful as well.

I was/am here a lot of hours and also have private duty care to help ensure Larry’s leg continues to mend and he gets back to his pre-surgery level of mobility. However, EVERY nurse and CNA as well as housekeeping has bent over backwards to be a part of his total care as well as mine, especially during the first two weeks when he was non-weight bearing and needed frequent transfers and bed changing, etc. He was only on Tylenol for pain which was not always controlled so it was not always easy to move him.

His surgeon as well as physical therapist is amazed at the rapid progress Larry has made. Our heart-felt thanks to ALL of you.

– B. and L. Nelson

Hear from The Memory Center’s Luisa Croft about what working with our residents means to her and touches her life.



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