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Richmond VirginiaAt first, a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis might not seem that daunting because you or your spouse don’t feel all that altered by the condition – yet. Over time, however, small memory glitches become bigger ones and snowball at a rate that requires additional care and support.

Accessing memory care options early, rather than waiting until you’ve met your limit, makes all the difference when it comes to reducing stress levels and preserving the quality of your relationships with loved ones. It can also slow the progression of the disease because memory care-specific assistance means access to the latest information about preventing, slowing down and treating these cumulative conditions.

Richmond, VA Has Many Dementia & Alzheimer’s Resources

The Greater Richmond Metro area is loaded with high-quality memory care options, ranging from financial assistance to adult day care, respite care and full-time memory care resources.

Financial Assistance For Memory Care

Spouses and family members are the most affected when it comes to caring for a  loved one with dementia. What starts out as “hardly ever” or “part-time” help quickly takes over your life. 

Fortunately, depending on the official medical diagnosis and doctors recommendations, there are ways to secure financial help to offset the costs of any in-home or facility-based care.

First, secure a physician-provided diagnosis

Regardless of which avenue(s) you pursue, you’ll need a bonafide, written diagnosis to secure reimbursements or supplementation from outside entities. Once you’re sure random forgetfulness is more serious than you thought, schedule an appointment with a physician. 

In addition to providing diagnosis and treatment recommendations, the diagnosis solidifies your eligibility for financial support.

Get in touch with your insurance provider

Insurance FormYour insurance provider has a list of memory care providers within their Richmond-area network. Depending on the plan’s specifics, this can notably reduce financial responsibility and may include full-coverage for certain aspects of care.

Contact Medicare/Medicaid

Patients 65-years and older, and/or those already diagnosed with a disability, are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid coverage. Medicare is available to all, Medicaid coverage requires more stringent financial need. 

In some cases, Medicare/Medicaid covers medical and care costs associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s, including:

  • A percentage of the costs associated with diagnosing dementia-related conditions, as well as any doctor-prescribed treatments, such as counseling and medications.
  • Some level of home care services or hospital equipment that may be needed along the way, typically as the condition progresses into the later stages.
  • A portion of facility-based care on a temporary basis.
  • Significant portions of a patient’s caregiving expenses if the individual qualifies via low-income maximums.

You may also want to consider paying for Medicare’s Supplemental Insurance Coverage. While this additional coverage does cost a bit extra, the potential savings associated with increased memory care coverage is usually worth it.

Review,  Medicare for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, to learn more about the different types of financial support offered by Medicare.

Are you and/or your spouse a veteran?

The Veteran’s Administration provides amazing support – via financial assistance as well as memory care services – to veterans and their families. This includes a range of helpful care options, including:

  • Home care
  • Medical care
  • Respite care for spouses and family caregivers
  • Adult day care services
  • Palliative care
  • And more

Learn more about the specifics by visiting the VA’s Dementia Care page online. You can also contact any Richmond-area Veteran’s Administration office for personal assistance.

Adult Day Care 

Adult Care in Richmond VirginiaIf you still work, or you would like to maintain weekly or monthly appointments and/or social engagements, adult day care is a lifesaver. Visit the Central Adult Services webpage to explore adult day care options in the Richmond area.

Centers vary in what they offer – ranging from part- to full-time care. However, all should provide compassionate care and stimulating activities, so your loved one is well-taken care of and occupied while you tend to your own affairs.

Receive Memory Care at Home

In the beginning stages of dementia, most patients find it most comfortable to be at home, in a familiar environment, surrounded by the people, pets, and furnishings they know and love best. However, this can be incredibly taxing for spouses and/or immediate family members as they quickly become full-time caregivers.

There are plenty of high-quality, home care agencies in the Richmond area. We recommend scheduling consultations with at least two or three so you find the agency that is the best fit for your situation, personality, and needs. You can Click Here for a list of home care agencies in the Richmond area. Always verify that caregivers are licensed and have current, complete background checks on file.

Once dementia or Alzheimer’s progresses to a more severe state, it may be best to transfer the individual to a memory care community, where their needs can be more acutely addressed in a warm, caring and stimulating environment – wholly dedicated to those with dementia-related conditions.

Memory Care Centers in Richmond, VA

Once an adult is into the mid- or late-stages of cognitive decline, it becomes very difficult for a spouse, family member, or regular home care aides to provide adequate care. When that time comes, we recommend seeking out a community that is specifically designed for those suffering from memory loss, Alzheimers, or dementia.

Don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed by all there is to do in the wake of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis or because your spouse requires more care than you can provide. While it can feel overwhelming, there are lots of Richmond-based resources that can help.

Feel free to come tour our Richmond, VA Memory Center and see firsthand what our community is all about.

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The Memory Center Has A Memory Care Facility in Richmond

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The Memory Center has an amazing dementia care facility in Richmond. Our state-of-the-art, residential community serves individuals with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias.  We first opened our Richmond location in the Spring of 2015, which is located on a four-acre site adjacent to Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center in Midlothian.

The Memory Center, Richmond serves as one of the few stand-alone, assisted living communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia that is dedicated exclusively to memory care. “This facility sets a new standard in the greater Richmond area for the care and well-being of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of cognitive loss,” stated Kevin DiBona, Chairman and CEO.

Our Memory Care Facility in Richmond, VA

TMC va beach
The Memory Center is based on the Town Center concept.

The facility is comprised of 48 residential units designed and constructed around the innovative Town Center concept similar to The Memory Center, Virginia Beach.   The Town Center is a centralized area that features a movie theater, library, general store, bank, tavern, library, ice cream stand and salon.  Each wing within the community serves as a separate ‘neighborhood,’ equipped with unique common areas and corresponding theme.

The Design of This Memory Facility Care in Richmond

The philosophy behind our ‘neighborhood’ design concept is to offer residents the freedom to enjoy areas of interests suitable to their preferences. This unique layout and interior spaces encompass a stylish yet comfortable design that incorporates modern fixtures and finishes.

Medical Capabilities of Our Richmond Location

The Memory Center, Richmond is equipped with the latest technologies offering full medical over-site, a 4 to 1 resident to staff ratio and coordinated therapy services. Memories in Motion is a comprehensive activities program which provides the residents with multiple activities every day of the week. The facility features secured entrances and camera monitoring systems with over 1000 sq.ft. of secure walking trails along and convenient parking.

Our Richmond Location Is Bustling with Residents!

This is the company’s second community. “We were honored to have the opportunity to carry on with our mission to provide the absolute best possible care for individuals with this difficult disease” added DiBona. “We strive to serve the needs of our residents by providing a comfortable and interactive living environment. We want the highest quality of life for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and cognitive memory loss.”

Contact us to schedule a tour or get more information about The Memory Center, Richmond.

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