The Memory Center Richmond

The Memory Center, Richmond provides exceptional care for those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Our program is designed to meet the challenging conditions of an aging brain with a caring, interactive community. Utilizing the latest in science, nutrition and interactive therapies, our daily structured activities provide meaningful purpose to those with memory loss.

Town Center Design

memory care richmond
Unique Town Center Design

Our Town Center design promotes a variety of independent, daily experiences.  Filled with natural light, the Town Center includes iconic stimuli from the past with amenities including:

  • A stately library
  • General store stocked with everyday items
  • Theater where residents enjoy movies from the past and special events
  • Tavern where we maintain an ABC license so residents can enjoy daily Happy Hour when prescribed by a physician
  • Bistro where residents celebrate holidays and enjoy a daily ice cream social
  • Over 1,000 sq.ft. of secured outdoor space including courtyard, gardens and walking paths
  • Beauty salon for hair styling, manicures and pedicures

Unique Neighborhoods

To maintain a sense of home our design features four neighborhoods that surround our Town Center, each with their own relaxing living room, dining room and full kitchen.  With staff supervision residents can even use the kitchen to bake.

Resident Living Room

Each room includes a picture frame outside the door for residents to display their favorite photo and distinguish the entrance and promote identity.

All residential rooms include large windows, private bath, telephones and wireless internet access.  Rooms are unfurnished allowing residents and their families to bring personal bedroom furnishings, chairs, or special touches from home.

Supporting Your Family by Providing an Exceptional Level of Care

At The Memory Center, we support not only our residents, but also their families. We encourage families to stay involved and ask questions so they can rest easier knowing their loved one is safe, happy and receiving care they can feel good about.

From structured daily activities designed to focus and engage the aging mind to providing end of life care and comfort measures, The Memory Center is here to help your family.

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